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Arae loves to experiment and try new techniques in design, embracing special effects, projections and integrated or practical lighting solutions. With her background in photography, Arae loves to render out sets with dynamic lighting via an open collaboration with the DP and director, often using her models in live sessions to work through shots and ideas. Arae believes the movie is made in preproduction and loves to build out extensive previs for the team. She works to play in the details of worlds designed. 

Arae has worked in Los Angeles, Miami, Orlando, Cleveland, Portland, Reykjavik- Iceland, Capetown & Johannesburg- South Africa and Bogota- Colombia. 

Arae is versed in Sketchup, V-Ray, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and a smidge of Premiere. She can quickly produce renders and sketches to work over concepts. She is fluent in Excel and prizes her readiness and strong organizational skills to approach each job with a steady hand. Outside of designing, Arae believes the person you are outside of your career is just as important as the work you do. She can be found thrifting, cooking, traveling, hosting, gardening, candle-making, or starting some new hobby amongst a mountain of art supplies.


Commercial - Ajay Ghosh

Narrative- Diana Massaband Franklin



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